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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

setelah sekian lama blog ni sepi akhirnya akan diupdate kembali.
Pada bulan januari yang lalu, SRCUTM telah melaksanakan xpdc Trans Bintang di Selama-Baling berdurasi 6 hari. Xpdc kali ini terdiri daripada 9 orang daripada SRCUTM iaitu Nad, Azizah, Yong, Amir k, Faiz (ketua xpdc), Hafiz, Fauzan, Mon comel. Yang di bawa oleh abg Suhaimi dan diteman oleh Fizan. Pada mulanya kami ingin abg Mali menjadi guide kami akan tetapi sehari sebelum trip abg Mali dimasukkan ke wad. Alhamdulillah semua selamat masuk dan keluar walaupun hujan menjadi peneman, ada la calar2 sikit, muka kena gigit agas, pacat. Terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat secara langsung dan tidak langsung. kerjasama korang sangat dihargai. Kepada yang x follow, harap korang ikut trip yang akan datang.


Disini kami berkongsi  cerita xpdc kali ini yg ditulis oleh Koko bkn nama sebenar.


-gathered at arked cengal at 8.30 am
-ride on 3 cars to Terminal Bas Tun Aminah (thanks to a friend of Pojan(aiman hakim), Asau and Bat)
-had our breakfast bfre heading to Taiping
-1030am our journey to Taiping begun
-arrived at Taiping at 2032 and believe it or not, we were drop dekat tepi jalan (called as Simpang Taiping) ahahah
-had our dinner as we haven't eaten anything during our road to Taiping (the bus just stop dekat rnr je)
-upon dinner, faiz just realized that he left his kasut trekking in bat's car so he and yong go buy a new kasut getah as they couldn't find any DIY or shop nearby that sells that kind of 'adidas kampung'. hahahaha noob.
-had a chit chat to kill time while waiting for amal whose bus is at 10pm from Kl
-we went to the nearest masjid to have a rest but we found out that the masjid wasn't operating so we decided to went to kfc instead
-me and Nad had a rest at surau while the boys were waiting for amal outside


-app at 0300 amal arrived at kfc and started to pack his backpack
-with the total of 5km, we gathered back and started to walk to Terminal Bas Taiping
-during our walk, Pojan which was at the back started to act like kid! he said he is in pain, giving up already and bla bla bla (baru jalan kejap elleh) so the others were giving him lecture and stuff.
-believe it or not, the truth is, there is a group of bikers that offered to send us to the Terminal Bas Taiping!! (drama duh mamat ni). *cerita sebenar dia si pojan troll bdk2 ni pdhal mat biker ni ckp kt pojan yg diorg nk tolong kiteorg, si faiz pon bersengkongkol., hahahahaha
-thanks to Abang Jamboo and his friends, we manage to reach the terminal in 5mins (bayangkan kalau jalan kaki ya Allah sempat patah kaki kot). again, Thank You AbgJamboo n Friends !
-we arrived at the terminal at 4.52am
-at 6am we rode our bus from Taiping to Selama
-the journey took us an hour and we had a nap since we didn't have a proper sleep bfre
-around 7.10am we arrived at Selama
-we went to this Pasar Tani Selama and perform our Subuh at nearest bilik solat they have at pasar.
-after that, we had our breakfast at this one kedai and met Pakcik Salim (bukan nama sebenar)
-had a quite sembang that we crack into laughter with this pakcik who own kedai lemang
-after breakfast, we went to this kedai makan behind the Pasar Tani
-we have waited for abang Mali from 9 to 11...
-we met abang Suhaimi and Fizan (our guide and his follower?)
-around 11.28am abang Mali arrived with a 4x4 (actually abgMali has been warded and the doctor doesnt allow him to leave the hospital. but abgMali did). after we load our bags, we started the ride to starting point
-arrived at Bukit Sepadan at 1315 and guess what, the 4x4 get stuck which leads us to walking by the jalan balak for 500m
-1413 start walking and had our very first "take 5" at 1450. due to some problems, we cahanged our  tentative, we decided to cancel our trip to Bintang False
-so we skip our first day trip to Bintang False, we proceed with other Bintang DDDD
-we start our walk to find a campsite
-we went up, and then walk back down, and then walk up again and then walk down, imagine how our mental during that time? ahahaha (don't ask what happen, just don't)
-had our lunch at this one stop where we found a small water point. perform our Zuhur and started to walk again.
-we quite exhausted from the walk we had actually. had a confusion with the map we were given
-it almost dark and we decided to set a campsite near the place we had our lunch before.
-set up our camp and the boys went to shower while me and Nad prepare dinner (maggie + longing + lempeng with nutella)


-woke up at 7am for subuh and had nasi goreng + Tempe for breakfast
-9.53 up bag and start trekking
-a very torturing jalan pacak we had along the way. and guess what more torturing? we couldn't find our way
-we went up and down again just like last night! I guess every each of us is so mad that we had so many take 5 just to read the maps. while nad and abg Mi still confused with the gps given by abg Mali
-around 11.40am we decided to make our own route as we couldn't find abang mali's track. so off to menebas pokok we go
-and finally, we find our way! but it didn't last long when we couldn't find any nearby water point
-upon arrival, abg Mi ask us to join him to refill our water supply and have lunch after that but since we couldn't find that bertuah water point, we had our lunch under the tree
-after lunch, abg Mi faiz nad pojan separated into two teams to find the waterpoint.
-since we dont have much choice and getting out of energy, we decided to stop searching and just went down and down and down sambil 'berparang' at this small water point. very small punya water point guys, VERY small
-we continue our walk to find a suitable place for emergency campsite and arrived at 1800 and start to set up camp and rest
-had our dinner and got attack with tons of agas, flies, belalang, mentadak and etc


-0615am woke up and start cooking after prayed Subuh
-getting ready and up bag at 0855
-found the real campsite after an hour of walk! an hour je beza ada air takda air zzzz. waterpoint with a steep small waterfall!
-1125 arrived at our first Bintang Peak which is the peak of Bintang South and had lunch (nasi putih & ayam black pepper with telur masin)
-0100 arrived at LWP and solat zuhur
-0145 from LWP bfre bintang
-the track is okay since we stand a chance to see a very stunning views but guess what? it's raining! we went up and down and arrived at few peak but they wasn't the peak we want to. the word "sikit lagi" really piss me off lol
-0507 arrived at Bintang Peak and directly set up camp. condition is quite bad bcause we are facing with rain
-since it soooooo cold and still raining (quite heavy with thunder echoing), me and Nad stays in the tent (we actually sleeping eheh) while the guys are struggling with the weather since they didn't sleep under tent ohohoho kesiannya
-(but later i found out that they were eating maggi and berkenduri jajan bawa fly!)
-as the rain stop, we had our quick dinner since its getting late but our stomach demands to be filled in
-after dinner, cleanse the periuk and stuff, few chats while eating late supper (eating again) and sleep


-woke up very early this time since abg Mi keep bragging on how pretty the awan karpet is.
-as usual, prepare breakfast went to took some picture on the peak
-decided to stay a bit longer to dry off our drenched bags
-1100 up bag but before that, we took photos and start walking
-take 5 after an hour walk
-1319 lunch at LW
-the track to the Bintang north is quite mesmerizing with damp moist and fallen leaves.
-1635 arrived at Bintang north
-I personally like this campsite the most since it is very "jungle-ish" kahkah
-had our dinner in super sempit space macam sardin since its raining a bit
-kemas and sleep


-as usual, we woke up early for subuh and breakfast. get to enjoy the sunrise and had our breakfast.
-pack up and change to our trekking clothes. had some warm up and ready to go.
-departure 10.26 am
-went tru a (sangat @$&_():;" punya track) where most of us slides down the hill. merangkak, panjat, slides, baring, you name it! (macam sand-ski pun ada lol)
-arrived at pit stop for lunch at 3pm (nasi + ikan masin masak lemak)
-continue our walk at 3.20pm
-arrived at camp site kem 007 at 5.05.
-set up and had our dinner. and once again, it was raining. fuhh  berperang dgn agas. sbb agas pon tumpang berteduh bawah fly

sabar bah


-woke up early for breakfast and this time, the guys are the one who woke us up.  (kejut pakai periuk)
-while nad is preparing the foods, the boys set a small bonfire and went for mandi sg
-we ate our breakfast together with abg mi and fizan. we had nasi lemak and kopi and kopi and kopi + teh
-we prepare ourselves right after breakfast. pack up and had a warm up bfre we start trekking
-we took some photos at the campsite bfre we had our leaves.
-departure at 11am
-walk tru jalan hutan for abt 15mins. had a little farewell ceremony with the pacat. all of us were bitten quite a lot especially on our foot but I had mine on my pinggang ahahah. *ada sampai di suatu camsite tu si penulis ni kena gigit pacat kat tangan pastu merengek mcm budak kecik.admin dekat je padahal masatu tp admin buat x tau je. hahahahaha.
we met with jalan balak and walk for abt 1.2 km and surely went tru lecak and tanah merah and the worst case is, we were showered with rain (again uhu)
-had our take 5 at kayu balak near the sg. had a shot and continue our walk again
-upon our trekking, we met with this kind chinese uncle who are willingly to send us out from the jalan balak. but we were in opposite direction. so we had to wait the uncle to return back down the road.
-we were soooooo excited and grateful! while waiting for uncle, we had our lunch (nasi + sardin) and after that, we played teng teng, galah panjang and batu seremban to kill time.
after waiting for abt 3 hrs, (faiz, amir, amal, mon, yong) took the first trip out, while (g, nad, roha, pojan, abg mi, fizan) waiting for uncle. while waiting, nad and abg mi went jalan jalan around the jalan balak and found tons of mushrooms (cendawan kulat/ sisir)! (nad sempat tapau bawak balik) and wallah, here comes the uncle!
-we depart at 3 pm. along our way, we had quite jaw-dropping scenery!
had our stop at this one pondok around 4 something while waiting for the first trip guys to walk from the sungai where they have been left.
-we decided to change our drenched clothes as we are abt to take a ride from abg Mali and his friend to terminal bas. me and nad went to klinik ibu and anak nearby to get changed
-around 6.45pm we arrived at the terminal and went to masjid to get clean and perform our prayer.
after maghrib, we gathered for dinner at arked behind the terminal bas
-had a lot of talking and catching back the memories we had along this trip.
-went back to the terminal at 10.10pm as our brought tix to tbs at 10.30 pm
-had our farewell with amal (he went back to kota bahru)
-reached tbs at 4.15am and brought tix to jb at 6.30am

sedikit gambar

1st day. some the bike geng that sent us to Terminal Bas Taiping
(azizah n nad rode in abg Jamboo's car while the boys on the bike)

1st day- at Terminal Bas Taiping. we took the first bus to Selama
2nd day- had a 'take 5' after tiring walking back n forth,
up n down searching the way

3rd day- otw to 'actual' campsite. that 'ninja turtle' was struggling to
bypass the topple bamboo trees. LOL

3rd day- the 'actual' waterpoint near the 'actual' campsite

4th day- on the way to Bintang South.
*guess who's back is that*
4rd day- campsite on Bintang peak. and its raining ! 

5th day- took a picture at Bintang peak before had our leave to the next destination

5th day- one of the puncak tipu on the way to Sg. Kupang. the view is quite gorgeous ! 

6th day- we are lucky to get on uncle's 4wheel. heading to Lata Celak on
hilly jalak balak for about 1 hour

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